HH Group  presented in Azerbaijan by companies Aqroservis ltd, Pakservis LLC, Aqrolayn LLC, Aqrolink LLC and Aqria LLC.

 Main activities are:
 - Growing of Seed & Ware Potato, Onions, Carrots and seedlings of vegetables 
 - Supply of Certified Seeds from Europe and other countries
 - Supply of Certified Agro-Chemicals from Europe and USA
 - Supply of Agricultural Machine & Equipment
 - Demonstration and Technical Advice to Farmers

The company has five field offices throughout Azerbaijan that comprise of a Manager and an Agronomist per outlet and one representative in Russia.
The field staff hold regular training sessions for the local farmers, and provide technical assistance to the end users of its' products.
The company also has a thriving contracting business via its' agricultural equipment and machinery division that includes Combine Harvesters, Tractors, Potato Planters, Potato Harvesters, Spraying Equipment, Ploughs, Precision Seed Drills, an Onion Lifter and etc.

Aqroservis is the agent for a number of European Companies that include Bejo Zaden, and Enza Zaden, vegetable seeds, HZPC and Agrico , seed potato suppliers, DuPont, Agriphar and Nufarm, agro-chemicals, APH Group, agricultural machinery and equipment.

Pakservis LLC is a joint venture between Aqroservis Ltd and Agricultural Production and Handling (APH), that is the first grading, washing and packaging station in the CIS that conforms to European Standards.

Aqrolayn LLC is a joint venture between Aqroservis  and Kartlis Holding (Georgia), that is involved in supply of certified agro-chemicals. The company represets Turkish company Gurtarim in Azerbaijan.

Aqrolink- Ganja LLC is established by Vagif Huseynov and Djavid Djafarov in 2016 in Ganja region of Azerbaijan and specialized in production of vegetable seedlings and technical assitance to producers of vegetable in in-door condition.

Aqria LLC is established by Amil Guluzade in 2016 and involved in production of agricultural products and specialized in plant protection. The company represents in Azerbaijan Russian company Avgust.

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